CMK Interactive Systems S. A. has launched a brand new online poker network called the Poker Pros Network, featuring multiple options, multiple rooms, free and real money online poker, micro and macro stakes, live dealer gaming, and much more. Online poker players can access all the online poker rooms on this network through one cashier, which makes things very convenient for online poker enthusiasts.

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The product was beta tested in August 2011, after which Chuck Kidd, the CEO of Poker Pros Network, and his team worked on enhancing the software and creating multiple poker rooms with unique facilities. He says, “All seven poker rooms within the network boast innovative software written and developed using the latest technology. These methods allow us to deliver what others can’t. The most unique and exciting feature, of which only Poker Pros Network employs, is its one convenient cashier with several depositing options, including credit cards.”

Besides a common cashier, six of the rooms on the network share common free and real money online poker games, single table tournaments, competitions, promotions and bonuses, and much more. Each poker room has been customized to attract a particular type of player.

Cheap Seats Poker will be thrown open this year, comprising all variants of micro-limit poker games possible. No Tilt Poker is a haven for senior poker players as well as beginners with suitable promotions. The highlight of Maniacal Poker is Loony Louie, a character who enjoys splashing around prizes and money. Lounge Lizard Poker is a paradise for loyal Poker Pros Network players, offering attractive loyalty rewards. The oldest of these rooms is, which forms the very base for its software enhancements and improvements. This summer PPNLive! will be launched, offering players the pleasure of playing with live dealers and celebrity dealers. Another attractive online poker room in the network is PokeroomUSA, a completely free, point-based online poker room, which donates part of its profits to US charity.

Online poker enthusiasts, therefore, have seven rooms to choose from, each of which offers a wide range of games, plenty of new players, soft games, generous welcome bonuses and reload bonuses, and much more. Players can also look forward to freerolls and low buy-in tournaments, incredibly large prize pools and guaranteed pots, rewards for loyalty, and unbeatable incentives to play.

Players can also look forward to a completely revamped VIP program and an excellent customer support system, which includes round-the-clock live support.

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