In the past six months, the slate of sponsored pros at Bodog has been slashed in half. Last fall, former “Survivor” contestant Jean-Robert Bellande parted ways and now news has broken that longtime Team Bodog member Justin Bonomo is no longer a representative of the site either.
Fans of the Fox Sports Net show “Poker 2Nite” got the first clue that Bonomo was moving on when he appeared as a guest on the program and was not sporting any Bodog gear and footage of him playing in the 2008 World Series of Poker (WSOP) had his Bodog patch blurred out. The initial suspicions aroused by Bonomo appearing on the show brand-less were confirmed when a visit to Bodog’s official website listed only Evelyn Ng and David Williams as Team Bodog Pros.
It is unclear which party initiated the split, but comments from Bonomo’s agent, Matt Palmer, indicate a new sponsorship deal could be on the horizon for the 24 year-old poker pro. The Maryland native first rose to notoriety after he was caught multi-accounting on PokerStars, taking advantage of a software glitch that allowed him to register multiple screennames in the same tournament. He was banned from the site as a result. Since that time, Bonomo has gone out of his way to prove he was sorry about what happened and convince the poker world no such incident would happen again.
His hard work and penitence paid off with his Bodog deal, which was announced shortly before the 2008 WSOP. At the time, Bonomo seemed like a good fit for the site, as he has been longtime friends with fellow Bodog pro Williams. The two met long before either were involved in poker and were still playing Magic the Gathering.
Bonomo’s ban from PokerStars was lifted in April of 2009 and he has been spotted playing cash games and tournaments on the site throughout the year. With the ban lifted, that potentially opens up sponsorship opportunities for Bonomo, though for a player to go from banned to sponsored would be an unprecedented feat. Speculation also suggests Bonomo could potentially end up with UB Poker, the same site that sponsors “Poker 2Nite” and fellow Palmer client and “Poker 2Nite” co-host Joe Sebok.
Palmer confirmed with Poker News Daily that Bonomo was exploring new sponsorship opportunities, but did not give any hints as to where the online pro would end up. In the meantime, his departure leaves only Ng and Williams representing the small poker room. In September of last year, Bodog announced it would be expanding from a single skin and would be offering licensing opportunities for other online poker rooms.

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