Player, BODYROXER closed a dominant performance in the August 24th Party Poker $300,000 Guaranteed No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament at 8:45 pm EST with an outright victory and $60,000 in prize money. Here are the rest of the top ten finishers and their respective prize monies (all dollar amounts are in USD.)

1. BODYROXER    $60,000
2. YoungSupremacy  $33,000
3. purpur18 $20,700
4. TFCR1972 $16,350
5. wiking_saga1  $13,800
6. beathunter  $10,350
7. yasima$7,950
8. real_deal111 $5,250
9. READBLANK $4,050
10. Bergmannen86  $2,850

1,417 players entered into the $200 + $15 NL Hold’em tournament spelling out yet another 5 figure overlay for the weekly $300,000 guaranteed poker tournament.

Final table play began as it ended, with BODYROXER out in front. Coming into the final table with the chip lead provided BODYROXER with all of the ammunition that he would need as the eventual winner marauded the final table with textbook perfect big stack aggression. Despite suffering two significant suckouts, BODYROXER managed to win nearly 40% of the hands played at the final table en route to a rare outright victory in the Party Poker $300K.

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