Card Player had published a report back in February about Bodog Poker’s decision to block all data mining software from accessing the site in a bid to develop a larger base of recreational poker players. The online poker room had announced in February that it would block all data mining sites and software that receive information from the site.

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Explaining the move, Patrik Selin, a spokesperson for Bodog, said that online poker sites are actually contributing to their own downfall by encouraging data mining sites and software. He also announced Bodog’s decision to do away with HUDs, hand histories, and rake backs.

This Wednesday, the online poker site announced that it will be introducing anonymous poker tables, which will effectively block HUDs (Heads up Displays) and prevent data mining sites and software from gaining access to valuable player statistics.

Jonas Odman, one of the representatives of Bodog Poker, said: “We believe that introducing these features makes the Bodog Recreational Poker Model a pioneer in the online poker world and offers all players of all abilities the fairest place to play. We have shown before that we are not afraid of controversy by changing the way rakeback was viewed and starting to block data mining sites earlier this year and these new features now give players a less biased ‘pure poker’ experience. To my mind the software and Bodog’s Recreational Poker Model is a genuine game changer.”

Besides anonymous poker tables, Bodog will also introduce a new feature called rabbit cam, which will enable players to view the cards that might have been dealt even after winning the hand.

Bodog has also announced the introduction of other features such as increased site speed, a facility enabling players to play a maximum of 20 poker tables simultaneously, new poker tournament formats, and in-client blackjack, among others.

Bodog also upgraded its software a few months back, adding features that greatly increased players’ gaming experience. The software modifications enable quick and easy access to the site’s gaming portfolio, various shortcuts to speed up gaming experience, and an enhanced login system, to mention just a few. All this makes Bodog a poker site worth checking out.

Poker players who are interested in trying out anonymous poker must first sign up at Bodog. If they are readers of Card Player, they will receive a special deposit bonus as large as $1,100. Besides, Bodog is home to plenty of incredible promotions and thrilling offers.

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