Bodog Poker has announced that it will organize a year-long poker tournament series called Anonymous Poker Series for Asian poker players. The series, which will comprise a number of online as well as live poker events, will run throughout 2013 and will end with a Grand Final $100k event at Manila in Philippines in Jan 2014.

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Anonymous Poker Series enables players to play anonymously and does not have the usual tournament features such as leader boards. Bodog is using the anonymous poker concept as a tool to promote its brand and its “recreational player model” in the Asian poker market.

As previously mentioned, the series will comprise live as well as online poker events and will commence in Jan 2013. Bodog plans to invite selected players to take part in the grand final at Manila, stating that the event might include “specially invited ‘poker heroes’ from 2013.”

Jonas Odman, managing director for Bodog Poker Network, said: “This series will help highlight exactly how and why we feel our network is the best and safest place for both recreational poker players and operators alike. Operators who service sports bettors and casino players do not want their customers leaking money to non-depositing poker pros who are using sophisticated software in order to win. Our anonymous tables take this unfairness out of the equation, creating a much better experience for the leisure player.”

He further stated: “This model has been specifically designed to appeal to the Asian market where the ‘trust-factor’ is the single most important reason for choosing one operator over another. In the Asian market we believe our product – in the same way Live Dealer casinos are viewed above RNG operators – will be the preferred option in poker.”

The concept of anonymous poker, which is implemented in Bodog Poker as well as Bovada Poker, has received mixed response from players, who say that the concept has advantages as well as disadvantages. While anonymous poker prevents players from using third-party software, it also prevents them from tracking possible collusion.

Bodog Poker hasn’t revealed the finer details of its tournament series as yet, but plans to do so early next year.

Recently, Bodog Poker decided to shift its focus to the Asian market, having announced early this year that it had sold the Bodog Network to Bodog88. Shortly thereafter, announced that it will cease operating in 20 European and Middle Eastern countries, and finally in October, was completely shut down.

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