Bodog Poker is planning to block access to all websites collecting online poker data in stages and has already begun blocking access to individual and general poker player stats.

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The online poker room is under the impression that websites collecting data benefit only the serious and professional players while discouraging the recreational players. Since top players hardly reload their accounts as much as recreational players do, online poker rooms such as Bodog focus on maintaining a large base of recreational players and feel that data mining websites make it difficult for them to do so.

Speaking about the move to block access to data mining sites, Bodog VP Jonas Odman said that this is just one of the moves planned by Bodog Poker to make its recreational model one of the best for casual poker players. He said that Bodog will introduce some new features and update its software to enhance playability.

Bodog has made data mining difficult by removing full tables listings from its lobby, preventing data mining sites from getting an accurate picture of how many players are sitting at the table. Owing to this move, data mining sites will be unable to figure out the exact number of full poker tables at the online poker room.

Taking offence at Bodog’s attitude, PokerScout says that it never benefits professional players at the cost of casual players and that it never tracks and publishes individual player stats. Stating that readers use PokerScout to find out which are the top performing poker rooms in the industry, the most popular games and betting limits, and so on, PokerScout stated that the poker data it collects is freely available to all and does not especially benefit professional and serious players. PokerScout further stated that Bodog is the only online poker room to entertain such ideas.

PokerScout also says that it will continue to provide accurate details regarding Bodog’s player traffic and stoutly disagrees with Bodog’s views that outsider data mining companies have no right to publish its player statistics on their website.

The fact is that Bodog Poker is populated mainly with players from its online betting and horse racing sections. The online poker room feels that if it keeps it player data private, the sharks will not flood to Bodog to gobble up all this fish. Therefore, no shark will win the poker pots at Bodog and the online poker room can earn more through raked pots.

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