Bodog Poker had announced in July that it intends to fully withdraw from the US online poker market, and recently, it issued another announcement stating that it will launch a special Bodog Poker site exclusively for US players and will rebrand it as Bovada Poker.

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The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG), the former US licensor of Bodog Poker, will operate Bovada Poker, which will be part of the Bodog Poker Network.

For non US players, the bad news is that the new online poker brand is meant only for US poker players and will not accept non US players. But players from other parts of the world can still play against US opponents at Bodog Poker since the entire database of US players at Bodog Poker will be moved to Bovada Poker, which exists on the same network. Meanwhile, US players at Bodog Poker will no longer be able to access the online poker software at Bodog Poker. Instead, they will have to download the Bovada Poker software from the website of Bovada Poker. The online poker accounts of US poker players at Bodog Poker will be moved to Bovada Poker. US players need not have to register all over again; they can use the same Bodog Poker usernames and passwords.

This major shift is not going to affect the player traffic on the network. Bovada Poker was shut down for a brief period on the morning of Dec 14 when player database and details were being moved, but it is now open to players once again. Non US players will notice a slight drop in the player traffic, but since US players usually do not log in at this time, the disturbance will be very slight indeed.

The rebranding of Bodog Poker to Bovada Poker is expected to have a number of advantages. In the first place, it means a rise in the volume of players on the Bodog Poker Network and at Bovada Poker. Following the incidents of Black Friday or April 15 this year, the number of players at Bodog Poker shot up because players migrated to Bodog Poker from the affected sites, but player volume reduced following an announcement by Merge Poker that it will start accepting US players again.

Currently, existing Bodog players are continuing to flourish owing to plenty of fish at the low-stakes and micro-stakes tables and under-subscribed guaranteed online poker tournaments and hope that the situation will continue.

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