Bodog recently received a positive court ruling from a federal magistrate judge in Las Vegas favoring their defense team’s argument that Bodog Entertainment Group, S. A. is neither located nor registered in Nevada, and therefore is not subject to examination under Nevada Law.

Furthermore, Bodog’s CEO Calvin Ayre himself will not be required to show up in any Nevada court being that he is not in any way, shape, or form a Nevada resident. Therefore, the contempt motion initiated by the litigation team at 1st Technologies was denied because Ayre is not legally bound to show up in any court in the United States.

Bodog entertainment has never had any affiliation with the United States, and the fact that this case was even brought to court in the first place is because their now former domain name was registered in the US. The company itself has had zero assets in the United States and zero operations in it since its creation. This is fortunate for owner Calvin Ayre, because as of now the tide seem to be turning in the favor of Bodog.

Bodog’s legal team has also begun to take action over in Washington, and their efforts there could potentially have much larger implications than the legal skirmishes going on in Nevada: they have begun a request seeking clarification by the courts to decide whether or not domain names are property that can be subject to seizure to satisfy a judgment. The Bodog legal team holds that domain names are not property, and their fight could change the way businesses all over the world use domain names.

If things keep turning towards Bodog’s favor, 1st Technologies may be looking at quite a large lawyer’s fee and not much else, and 1st Technologies CEO, Scott Lewis, may very well be forced to take up Calvin Ayre’s challenge to a mixed martial arts contest to settle the dispute. Although Lewis would likely give up the legal fight and not accept a physical one, his greed may get the best of him. This CEO battle royale would settle the dispute once and for all, and would give the utmost satisfaction to action entertainment enthusiasts the world over.

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