Bodog seems to live by the words “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” – after an expensive settlement and losing their domain name, Bodog has flourished: it was rebranded as BodogLife, has just launched a new look, and is getting ready to celebrate its billionth hand.

Those who play at Bodog Poker must have already noticed the software upgrades, which include a better table and card layout, as well as a clearer display of who is "on action" and what their action is. But besides the evident changes, the software has been changed to make room for future upgrades.

Bodog's CEO Calvin Ayre commented on the software redesign in his blog:

We've incorporated two years of feedback and user testing to augment the development process, and will be introducing upgrades to both the performance features and to the design and esthetics of the Bodog poker experience.

And this is just the beginning. These cosmetic upgrades were an important next step, however, the redesign was necessary for us to be able to build out the Bodog Poker feature set.

While we are proud to release this new look, we are also very excited for upcoming releases in this evolution, which will include lobby redesign, resizing, and multiple table tiling. A huge part of our brand's strength lies in its ability to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers.

The revamped and resilient BodogLife has another reason to celebrate, as their poker players are reaching the milestone of one billion hands played on Bodog Poker.

Such a significant record could not go unmarked, which is why Bodog will reward the tables that hit the last four milestone hands leading up to the big one. Players at the tables where these hands are dealt will each receive $109 in Tournament credits plus their share of the following prizes:

980,000,000 $2,000
985,000,000 $3,000
990,000,000 $4,000
995,000,000 $5,000
1,000,000,000 $10,000

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