Online poker site Party Poker recently added another pro to its rapidly growing roster of sponsored players. The latest addition to Party Poker’s team of poker players is 29-year-old Bodo Sbrzesny of Germany. Sbrzesny has been a longtime player on Party Poker and is currently one of the site’s Palladium Elite members, a status reserved for players who earn at least 50,000 PartyPoints in a calendar year.
Sbrzesny is best known for his appearance on the Party Poker-sponsored television program “The Poker Den.” He won his way into the televised cash game in September 2008 via a rake race online and managed to more than double his $20,000 buy-in while facing off against known pros like Roland de Wolfe and Barney Boatman. Other than his appearance there, Sbrzesny has limited experience on the live poker circuit.
Sbrzesny is better known as a high stakes online player who has played under screennames like “miamivice79” and “lovetowin79.” In addition to playing online, Sbrzesny also offers online poker coaching. Within the press release announcing his new sponsorship deal, Party Poker lauded the young player’s online performance and discussed their future plans to bring on other longtime loyal Party Poker customers as part of their new “grassroots” poker team. The site claims all VIP players on Party Poker are subject for review as sponsored pros and the company plans to reward more loyal and successful players in the future.
The newest addition to Party Poker’s team also has interests that extend beyond the world of poker. Sbrzesny is an accomplished gamer who sharpened his game playing skills on the video game “Counter Strike” before taking up poker. Sbrzesny spoke of the connection between role playing games and poker when commenting on his new sponsored status in Party Poker’s official press release. “The tactics learned as a Counter Strike video gaming professional helped form the foundation for my poker skills”, he explained. “I learned how to focus my game and improve my skills.The mouse and keyboard handling skills are particularly good for multi-tabling.”
Party Poker has spent the summer singing pros from around the globe to join longtime Party spokesperson and World Poker Tour host Mike Sexton. During this summer’s World Series of Poker the site also picked up Remy Biechel of France, Felipe Ramos of Brazil and Ian Frazer of England. Sbrzesny will begin traveling the live circuit with his new Party Poker team members in the very near future.

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