While the events of Black Friday sounded the knell of doom for several poker sites and caused the US poker community to feel that there was no hope for online poker in the region, Paul Behrman went ahead and got the poker room SkillBet.com ready to take over whatever space had been left by the absence of the three of the country’s biggest online poker rooms.

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Behrman stated that Black Friday had actually been a sort of opportune moment for the online poker room, “When Black Friday occurred, we were ready to launch some poker training software based on artificial intelligence that we had developed. So initially Black Friday had a negative impact on us too. But then we had a breakthrough. Games of skill are legal in most US states. Maybe we can make Texas Hold’em more skill-based and “legal” within the realm of skill-gaming in the US. So that weekend we came up with the idea for SkillBet.com, worked around the clock, and filed a provisional patent application the following Monday. We haven’t looked back since,” he explained.

Skillbet.com is now thriving and offering online poker services in several states. Behrman explained the features of the poker room and detailed why SkillBet stood out from the rest of the pack. “There are a lot of differences. First of all, SkillBet is clearly legal in the 28 states in which we operate. You can easily deposit with any credit card or directly from your bank account using Dwolla and withdrawals are processed in 24 hours. We are located in the United States. And, of course, our version of no-limit Texas Hold’em is a more skill-based format, allowing for us to meet the “skill” requirements of 28 states, making it perfectly legal and safe for online poker players,’ he said.

Skillbet poker also stands out in that it teaches poker players how to play the game by providing different modes of games play, SkillBet Challenge and SkillBet Live. Behrman explained that SkillBet Live allowed two players to sit down to a game and play their hands live. “If you fold, you have the option to watch your opponent play his/her hand by selecting “auto view opponent.” Live matches last for 30 hands and then players have the option to continue playing “hand for hand” until one player leaves the table. SkillBet Challenges are 30-hand, winner-take-all competitions. You play 30 hands without seeing your opponent play their hands live. At the end of the challenge we pair you randomly with an opponent. “

The winner of the game is informed immediately after the game ends or as soon as his opponent is done.

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