As the free world continues to celebrate the news of the assassination of Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden, several rumors connecting the online poker indictments on Black Friday to the assassination have emerged online.

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On ‘Black Friday’, the US government decided to shut down three top poker sites, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. Rumors have emerged regarding the connections between this event to the recent assassination of the world renowned terrorist.

As the conspiracy theory goes, the CIA officials never found any information regarding Bin Laden’s house in Pakistan but had learnt some time ago that one of Bin Laden’s associates loved playing no limit poker online. Reports suggest that this information regarding Bin Laden’s associate was confirmed recently; this allowed the authorities to look up six years of information and records regarding online poker from all of the three top sites indicted to find the location of this associate, who would ultimately lead them to Bin Laden’s house.

The indictments on the top three sites were hastened after Daniel Tzvetkoff, an Australian payment processor was arrested. The indictments were made and the top three poker sites were shut down, after which in exchange for the information regarding Bin Laden’s associate authorities allowed the poker sites to return player funds to their respective accounts.

With the help of satellite photos taken of the location of all the online poker players connected from Pakistan, it took the authorities three days to find Bin Laden’s residence. After an initial training period of ten days a team of highly trained military officers were sent out as a special unit to take out Bin Laden’s Abbottabad Mansion in Pakistan.

Bin Laden refused to surrender and was then assassinated – after this news of his death went to the US and America began to celebrate the end of his terrorist reign.

If it is indeed true that Osama Bin Laden was traced due to his aide playing online poker, then perhaps we all owe something to online poker. This at least would indicate that the online poker shutdown that has caused such uproar from the poker enthusiasts in the United States has at the least had some good repercussions. And if this is the case then online gambling and gaming sites can be used to track down many such criminals who would be spending most of their money on such activities.

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