The poker community paid attention to the name of Bill Perkins earlier this year when news broke of him daring Antonio Esfandiari to a lunging prop bet at the Poker Caribbean Adventure. Esfandiari according to the Hendon Mob has earned the second highest poker prize money in the history of the game and is well known in the international poker community.

Bill Perkins has a less visible profile as he operates as a Hedge fund manager who generally plays high-stakes poker games that stay off the usual poker radar. Perkins has built a reputation for himself over the years of being a Texan who dares players to high stake prop bets and has ended up losing quite a few of them. One of those high stake prop bets included him daring someone to get a tattoo that he chose on their back for $500,000. Perkins lost that bet but it did not stop him from continuing to taunt other players including Esfandiari at the PCA 2016.

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The 48 hour lunge bet caused a lot of controversy after Esfandiari found it hard to continue with his lunges while playing the PCA and decided to limit his trips to the rest room by using a bottle and a towel to relieve himself under the table. PCA tournament directors decided to ban Esfandiari from continuing to play after he was discovered urinating under the table.

Esfandiari would later apologize to the PCA and his fans for his bad behaviour and reveal that a prop bet with Bill Perkins was the reason behind his strange behaviour. He decided to give away all the money he won from the bet to charity in an effort to make amends for his actions. There have been some who have alleged that after the controversy died down, Esfandiari never really transferred the money to charity as he earlier claimed.

Bill Perkins recently opened up about his bet with Esfandiari and stated that the poker pro was myopic in accepting the bet. In a statement, Perkins said “His ego in wanting to win the bet got in the way and he admitted it. He donated the proceeds to charity. There was some chatter about did he really send it, but I sent the money directly to the charities he chose, so he definitely paid. In the end, I don’t think he was classy in his actions to win the bet, but I think he had humility in his willingness to admit a mistake. I was very proud of him in the end”.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff