According to the High Stakes Poker Database, a website that functions to monitor high stakes online poker games, world renowned poker star Phil Ivey lost one of the biggest pots in recorded online poker play history. He actually ended up losing two sizeable pots, but only one of them was big enough to earn a spot in the record books.

Online-Casinos reports that Ivey was playing Omaha against Finnish online competitor Ilari “Zigmund” Sahamies. They were playing heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha at the priciest table available at Full Tilt Poker, the $500/$1000 table. Full Tilt’s ultra high stakes table has been called the “Ivey Thunderdome” by Full Tilt regulars, but it seems that this week the weather turned sour for Ivey.

Apparently the two had been playing heads up for some time when Ivey suffered a big loss of $213,000 because his opponent, Zigumund, hit a flush on the river. Only a few minutes later the two competitors found themselves in another huge round that ended up being the biggest pot for the month of December. By the time the action had reached its peak between the two expert card players, the pot had accumulated a grand sum of $321,983, officially claiming a place in the record books as the 6th largest pot in online poker history.

Given Ivey’s poker playing abilities, he will surely recover from this massive loss and although he won’t be going to the poor house, this week will not be one he will soon forget.

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