Poker fans need to jot down November 26th in their diaries, computers, iPads and mobiles, because winter is coming to poker-land. Leaving aside the famous HBO soap’s “Game of Thrones” line, we would like to remind you what November 26th is all about. Beautiful and breathtaking Prague, invites poker enthusiasts and poker fans alike from around the world, to compete and experience live poker action at the Prague Poker Festival. The event will take place between November 26th – December 16th, 2012 at the King’s Casino and 5-Star Corinthia Hotel. This is the second time the event has been organized since its inception.
The festival, will not only organize WPT style matches, but will also stage the first time Prague Mind Sports Festival. If you were wondering what Mind Sports would mean to you; leave your confusions behind and read on.
If you prefer to have poker served as your favorite meal, then the salt and pepper on the side would be the mind sports. Chomp down on some poker action and chug down on the Mind Sports, we say! Mind Sports will feature games like Scrabble, Risk, or Backgammon or eSport tournaments, as the organizers Living it Loving it have more tantalizing treats in-store for you.
Dave Brannon, Managing Director of Living it Loving it said at an exclusive press conference held recentlythat; over the years mind sports have gained popularity owing to the demand of mobile and social gaming today. Brannon further added that their company’s view to regard poker foremost as mind sport has led them to think of options to club it alongside traditional games like Bridge, Backgammon and Chess. Brannon’s team dreams to create a platform to showcase these skill-based mind sports, and soon will look into integrating their Mind Sports into the world’s biggest independent poker festivals. For now, however, they aim to establish their fan following this winter, as they integrate Mind Sports and Poker at the Prague Poker Festival this year.
If you are a Mind Sport enthusiast and if this news has already left you tongue wagging, there is more good news coming your way! This exclusive festival starts on December 1st, 2012 and if you lose your chance earlier on in a Scrabble tournament, do not fret, as the WPT main event at the end of the festival will earn you a chance to win back your losses.

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