Starting this coming weekend, Full Tilt Poker is resurrecting its Big Little Tournament, offering players the chance to win a lot for, well, a little.
Each of the eight Big Little Tournaments will cost just $2.20 to enter, but will feature a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.  First place in each event will be at least $9,000.  Tournaments will begin their 30 minute seating periods at 12:30pm ET and cards will be in the air at 1:00pm.  Here is what the schedule looks like:
1. July 18th
2. August 1st
3. August 15th
4. August 29th
5. September 12th
6. September 26th
7. October 10th
8. October 24th
That’s it.  Eight $2.20 tourneys, $100,000 guaranteed prize pools.  No points, no leader boards, no special prize packages.  Registration for each tournament is limited to 100,000 players.
For those who can’t quite swing the couple bucks, there are plenty of ways to satellite into the Big Little Tournaments.  There are $0.80 and $0.35 9-player Sit-and-Go’s, 100 Full Tilt Point 9-player Sit-and-Go’s, 5 Full Tilt Point 180-player Rush Poker Sit-and-Go’s, as well multi-table tournaments with buy-ins of 50 Full Tilt Points, $0.55, or $0.60.  All of the satellites are turbo.
Full Tilt Poker is also in the midst of Rush Week, in which players can earn extra cash just for playing at the Rush Poker tables.  The amount of Full Tilt Points earned and the number of days in which they are earned during the promotional period of July 12th through July 18th determine the cash prizes.  Players who hit the 10 Full Tilt Point threshold at the Rush Poker tables make the Bronze level.  Those who make Bronze in each of four different days will win $5.  Players who make Bronze in all seven days will win $10.  The Silver level is next, reached when players hit 100 Full Tilt Points.  Earn those 100 points in each of four days and win $25.  Do it every day during Rush Week and get $50.  And finally, those who earn 1,000 points in a day make it to the Gold level.  $125 will be awarded to anyone who makes it to Gold for four days and $250 will be handed out to every player who reaches Gold all seven days.
Rewards during Rush Week are not cumulative.  That is, if you hit Silver in all seven days, you only win $50.  You don’t win both Bronze prizes and both Silver prizes.
Also during Rush Week, players can win a seat into a special $50,000 Rush Week Freeroll by reaching the final table of a Rush Poker tournament during Rush Week.  The freeroll will be a held a week after Rush Week ends, on Sunday, July 25th at 3:15pm ET.  To give people a better chance to qualify for the freeroll, Full Tilt will be adding extra Rush Poker tournaments this week, as well as converting some of its regular guarantee tournaments to the Rush Poker format.
The Rush Week promotion is one of those opt-in deals, so be sure to go to the Cashier in the Full Tilt Poker software, click on My Promotions, and open your Rush Week page to elect to participate in the promo.

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