Lock Poker is a poker room that has been on the online poker front for some time now, but it has recently been catapulted to fame due to the recent US poker shutdown on Black Friday. Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have been banned from entertaining any US poker players and other poker websites have voluntarily quit the US market completely due to the legal complications that have surfaced recently.

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Although many American poker players are upset with the Federal Government for shutting down three of the biggest US online poker sites, there is nothing much that can be done about the current situation. As of now, a large number of US poker players do not have a reputable website to play Texas Hold’em and other online poker games.

Initially, Sportsbook Poker and Players Only looked like the only alternatives left for US poker players but these sites have now reconsidered their position in the US market after the increased attention from US players. Sportsbook Poker and Players Only have announced that only existing US-based accounts would be entertained from the 1st of May. As a result, Lock Poker is the one of the few poker websites that might now meet the demand of the US audience.

The story of Lock Poker’s recent fame is one of the greatest stories of business success during these times, since Lock Poker has managed to establish a brand and get members without spending a single penny on advertising. Kevin Hastings, who spoke on behalf of TOPS poker, stated that controversial US laws make online poker a troublesome issue to deal with. “Someone around the office commented today that it was like Lock Poker executives hitting the lottery, but it’s more along the lines of them winning every lottery drawing held in the United States so far this year. Overnight this company has gone from an unknown to a household name like Sony or Coca Cola, and they haven’t spent a single penny in advertising dollars to do it. It may be the greatest business success story ever…and there’s been some big ones in our time,” he said.

As of now, there are no specific documents stating that online gambling is illegal. The only thing that the US government had against the top three poker sites was the UIGEA law that states that transactions between US banks and foreign casinos and not allowed.

Most experts are of the opinion that as long as American banks are not involved in funding the US poker sites the government cannot do much to stop them as long as online gambling is not illegal according to individual the state laws for different players. Presently, only 9 of the 50 US states are completely against online poker, while the others are working towards its legalization in the near future. Another pending legislation to legalize online poker nationally also exists.

What happens to online poker in the future depends on the US government, but their recent actions have only made it beneficial for Lock Poker which has now suddenly gained popularity, after the shutdown of top three poker sites by the Department of Justice on Black Friday.

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