Betfair Poker has sent a letter to almost two dozen of its customers, insisting that the players return undeserved winnings to the poker room.The winnings in question, the result of a software glitch, amount to over £100,000 of an estimated £1.4 million that was accidentally paid out during a few late-night hours in January.

During those hours, it was discovered that the six-person single table tournaments were paying out prize money to all participants, not just the top two players.The “losers” still won the same amount as the second place finisher.This knowledge in hand, many players plunked money down at the $1,000 tables, went all-in on the first hand, and just kept doing it over and over again.Guaranteed money every time.

Some players were able to get money off the site, and Betfair is pursuing this particular group.According to Betfair’s T&C’s, players agree to refund any money received as the result of a technical error in the company’s software. 

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