In a recent news report from G-poker, the site claimed that poker leaders who hailed from Canada were the most important in the industry. And as surprising as this statement may be and all the conclusions and opinions that one could possibly draw from it, there seems to be some truth in it.
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As of now, PokerStars and Party Poker are two of the top online poker sites in the industry. They have also weathered the ravages of the UIGEA and PokerStars has been through Black Friday but have somehow managed to work their way back to the top without losing their reputation.
According to G-poker, if you were to take into account the most important people in the poker industry, you would find that they were from Canada. Using Jim Ryan, the chief executive officer of Bwin.Party, as an example alongside Isai Scheinberg, the founder of PokerStars, it is easy to see where this estimate stems from.
Both Ryan and PokerStars’ Isai Scheinberg are Canadian, with Scheinberg being a citizen of Canada and both men have made remarkable progress for their companies over the past year. The company heads must have made very good decisions to have brought both their companies to where they stand in 2012.
Jim Ryan was awarded 2nd place in the “Power 20” list published by Bluff magazine for the year 2012 and Isai Scheinberg placed first – that too despite the Black Friday scandal.
Canadian or not, these men must be doing things right to gain such a standing and perhaps other poker companies could look to them for tips.
Jeremy Taylor, a spokesperson for G-Poker, commented on this saying, “Party Poker was always big in Canada.”
Other powerful Canadians in the poker community who featured on the “Power 20” list published by Bluff magazine include Mitch Garber, the chief executive officer of Caesars Interactive Entertainment. The company helped create the lucrative deal between 888 Holdings and Caesars and is profiting from it, just like how Bwin paired with Party Gaming.
“Caesars’ CEO being on the list is no surprise. Caesars just made a deal with 888 Holdings, who operates 888 Poker, which could really pave the way for a change in North American online poker. 888 were already one of the most influential companies in online poker worldwide, but since the shutdown-related events surrounding PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker in April last year, 888 filled the gap and quickly became the definite leader of online poker in Canada,” said Taylor.

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