Benjamin Preece won the main event of the first-ever Grand Prix Tour, which was being played at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn. He took home an impressive first-place prize of £35,000.

The runner-up Paul Romain won £28,100 and the player who finished third Zahir Aslam took home £16,450. The player who finished fourth was an anonymous player who won £11,720. The players who finished fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth were Chris Bartlett (£8,610), Andrew Garland (£11,580), Michael Sheldon (£10,040), Robert Owen (£3,850), and Kelly Peters (£2,940), respectively.

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The event, which had a buy-in of £60+£10 and a guaranteed prize pool of £250,000, was one of the most lucrative of UK live poker tournaments held this year. Rob Yong, the owner of Dusk Till Dawn, had blogged that the tournament had an overlay of £42,000.

As many as 362 players survived into the final day of the tournament and all of them finished in the cash thanks to the event’s policy of rewarding all Day 2 players with cash prizes. Twelve hours after the Day 2 action began, the player field boiled down to nine finalists—Robert Owen (4,035,000), Michael Skeldon (3,070,000), Andrew Garland (6,675,000), Benjamin Preece (15,580,000), the anonymous player (3,000,000), Chris Bartlett (6,285,000), Kelly Peters (2,210,000), Zahir Aslam (13,375,000), and Paul Romain (9,710,000).

The first player to bust was Kelly Peters. She held an Ace and a Nine, which proved no match for Garland’s pair of Kings. The same combination of Ace and Nine led to the defeat of Robert Owen too, and later it was Michael Sheldon who folded in the seventh position. Although Sheldon’s reward for finishing seventh was £5,040, he got an extra £5,000 as he had qualified for the tournament at Garland, who finished sixth, also won an extra prize for qualifying at and took home £11,580, just £140 less than the anonymous player, who finished fourth.

Romain, the player who finished second, had qualified for the event at If he had won the tournament, he would have won a brand new Porsche or an extra £35,000. But he got only an extra £5,000 bonus with his second-place prize of £23,100.

The Grand Prix Poker Tour will next stop at Stamford Bridge on October 19. If players qualify for the event at, they will get a Golden Chip. As holders of this chip, they stand the opportunity to win either a new Porsche or £35,000.

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