Ben Tollerene is the latest poker player to fall into the category of players who earn in millions. HighStakesDB says that Tollerene, who plays under the moniker “Bttech86” at Full Tilt Poker, has won $1,444,718 in the month of January.

During the month of January, he played 95 sessions and 8,690 hands at high-stakes online poker tables. His poker profits touched the one million mark on Jan 22, the day on which he played a couple of sessions against Isildur1 at high-stakes PL Omaha tables. He won $177k during the first session and $417k during the second session.

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The $177k pot he won during the first session was the biggest to be won this year, so far. The two players made a number of raises and re-raises before the flop, and both had bet all-in on the turn. While Tollerene had double-suited pocket aces, Viktor Blom had a combination of double-suited Ace, Queen, Deuce, and Four. His chances to win slightly improved when he got a Flush Draw, but he could not win because an option called Run It Twice was enabled for that table. As a result, Tollerene won the big pot of $238,696.

Although he lost heavily to Tollerene, Blom still became the player who won the biggest amount in January. Blom occupies the top position on the leader board as he has made a profit of $2,154,113. He played 426 sessions and 48,517 hands at high-stakes online poker tables, and he did not stick to one variant alone. He played all types of poker games ranging from NL Holde’m to 2 – 7 Triple Draw.

An unknown player, who plays under the moniker “mikki696,” occupies the third place on the leader board. He made a profit of $581,500 playing PLO games. The third biggest poker winner this January was Ike Haxton who won $393,494. On Jan 21, he beat Blom at the high-stakes NL Hold’em tables and raked in a profit of $563k.

Doug Polk, the American poker player, played only slightly more than 6,000 hands, but won a large amount of $390,731. He won $125k from Viktor Blom and $70,000 from SallyWoo at the high-stakes CAP HL Hold’em tables.

Gus Hansen, the Danish poker pro, turned out to be January’s biggest loser. Ever since 2007, Hansen lost more than $16 million playing at Full Tilt Poker. The second biggest loser is Alex Millar, the British player, who lost $659,520 by playing 1,389 hands against Blom.

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