The online poker bill recently proposed by Texan Republican Joe Barton has surprisingly garnered the support of Congressmen Barney Frank and John Campbell. Both these men have pledged their support in favor of this bill from Barton.

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Joe Barton is the chairman of the United States Energy and Commerce Committee, and he had stated that he was in the process of finalising a bill that had been drafted with the co-operation and consultation of the Poker Players Alliance. His proposal was to introduce this bill through his jurisdiction as the chairman emeritus of the said committee.

Congressmen Barney Frank and John Campbell have pledged their support for the same bill if it does move ahead before others, although Campbell has also proposed his own bill for the same.

Barney Frank chose his words carefully and stated that there has been a restriction on people’s right to exercise their freedom and hence he was in favor of a generally broad bill, but he was also smart enough to take something as compared to being left empty handed.

John Campbell went on to say that he was co-sponsoring Barton’s bill and he hopes that it is mutually replicated, and that if Barton’s bill moves ahead first he would definitely support it.

Barton said that he had been given a go by the Republican House regarding moving ahead with his bill and he also mentioned that although it was a sensitive issue there was a consensus regarding this change to be made.

There have been different actions taken in order to continue internet gaming in the United States and in the respective states. Harry Reid’s bill and its position is yet unclear, but in Nevada, which is his home state, he is still pushing intrastate e-gaming regulation, while Brian Sandoval, Governor of the State has signed a legislation stating that Nevada will implement legalisation once the federal government approves it. The Governor had recently stated that he did not prefer state-by-state legislation.

During the time that has passed several bills have come and gone, while most have failed, but more and more officials and businessmen have come up with good, and well-grounded bills and proposals that seek to alter once and for all this issue of internet gambling and internet poker legalisation. The government cannot refute the revenue they can gain from the same and hence they will have to consider the popularity and the income of the internet gambling industry.

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