Joe Barton, a Republican Congressman based out of Texas is planning to introduce some sort of regulation for legalized internet poker in the United States at the earliest this summer. It is obvious that after the events of Black Friday and the ongoing indictments on Black Tuesday, players and potential investors as well as important people in the gambling industry will give this a warm welcome.

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Joe Barton is a long-time supporter of online poker and like many others he is also of the opinion that poker is a game of skill. Alfonse D’Amato, a Republican Senator based out of New York also agrees with the same and says that it is strange to be continuing with horse racing and lotteries in the United States, games that actually fall into the gambling category, while indicting internet poker, which is a game of skill.

Joe Barton went on to explain why exactly these online poker companies were indicted, and he said that since they used shell companies as well as other banks and financial institutions “under the radar”, they were shut down. They committed a crime in terms of “transactional elements”, which makes it a fraud to transact or process payments for gambling using any financial institution in the US.

The New York Republican Senator is positive about the Texas Republican Congressman’s poker bill and he says that it will pass, since Joe Barton has a very credible reputation that is unblemished, and hence he stands a good chance of getting a positive response on his bill.

Joe Barton’s basic argument through this bill is that people should have the right to use the internet the way they want it, and since many other bad and conflicting things like pornography are not banned, internet poker should not be banned either. Joe Barton is still putting together the poker bill and he seems to be optimistic about it. Joe Barton is positive that his internet poker bill will pass in both the houses of Congress during the current session.

There have been several supporters of this poker bill in both the Republican and the Democrat parties. One important reason is that the gambling industry, which is a multi-billion dollar industry, plays a huge role in providing for the campaigning of many of these congressmen. Nevertheless, there are other supporters who are not backed by the gambling industry, who just think that internet poker is a game of skill and hence should not be banned.

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