Internet gambling, and bills regarding internet gambling have become a common issue for the government, and so another federal bill that seeks to legalize internet gambling is under away. Joe Barton, who is a Republican from Texas has sponsored the bill. He announced that the bill is in the finalization phase and that he had drafted it after consulting with the Poker Players Alliance.

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Joe Barton’s new bill will only address internet poker and that is because there is some advancement in considering poker as a game of skill and the bill aims to benefit from this fact. However, being the chairman of the United States Energy and Commerce Committee, Joe Barton wants to have control over this bill through the same, which is a bit questionable.

Both Congressmen Campbell and Frank have said to the Las Vegas Sun that they will support this bill if it moves ahead first. Frank mentioned that he was interested in contesting internet gambling as a whole as opposed to Barton’s idea for internet poker alone. He also said that he would co-sponsor Barton’s bill if he does the same. Harry Reid, who is backed by the American Gaming Association, has not yet made a stand. His poker bill failed at last year’s Lame Duck session.

The internet gambling legislation at the state level is also being debated. Nevada is leading though, considering that it is the home for Harry Reid and that the Governor just signed the agreement to lead the state in internet gambling once the federal government allows its legalization and regulation. Other states such as Iowa, Florida and New Jersey had a few initiatives on these lines, but those have failed to progress forward.

The federal government legalizing online gambling and the states being authorized to entertain internet gambling is a dream of the long awaited future. What will happen next cannot be predicted but the slow movements towards this mass legalization might just work in favor of those who like internet gambling, but they still have a long way to go, and some more fights to be dealt with on the way.

Meanwhile, the only people who suffer between all of this confusion are those who love internet poker and were living on that income. Another issue that has been stirred up is that people’s right to exercise freedom of choice has been curtailed and that is not a good thing. Most people will not put up with it for long.

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