Subsequent to the shutdown of some of the biggest online poker players, the poker industry in the United States of America has been in a tizzy while its online poker players scratch for pickings. Ninety five percent of the shares of US Poker market have completely disappeared and $200 million was also lost in expenditures on marketing and promotional activities for the poker websites, ever since Black Friday took place in the poker industry.

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Poker networks, active poker fans and even retired senators have been fighting for the legalization of online poker in the United States of America.

Since there hasn’t been going on much in terms of online poker industry in the US, Republican House of Representative’s member, Joe Barton has used the conversations he has had with active online poker players through his group in a social networking site such as Facebook and drafted an online poker bill to legalize US internet poker. Joe Barton hails from Texas and has made the people’s opinions very clear in the bill.

Being the senior most member in House Energy and Commerce Committee, Barton loves to play poker and according to him there is a definite discrepancy between online poker playing considered to be legitimate and transacting deposits for online poker are not legitimate.

Joe Barton in his early sixties, has drafted a bill that might regulate online poker playing in all 50 states of the United States of America. However, online poker is still fully functioning in those states where gambling is presently legal to enable for licensing through existing gaming commissions. Barton hopes that doubts regarding online poker industry can be clarified quickly, even during the course of this week.

With all this going in, any state could go against the law at any given point and hence prevent online poker through referendum or a state legislature vote, and the bill will also have the consequences of federal agency overlooking the entire poker network.

According to Joe Barton’s spokesman, it was mentioned that the bill would be introduced through the House Energy and Commerce Committee, as the committee is more open to the legalization than the House Financial Services Committee, which was under the supervision of Spencer Bachus, Republican chairman and anti-gambling politician.

Apart from the 10 million American citizens who want to play poker online, the spokesperson mentioned that they believe that Barton’s office will be able to get Bipartisan support.

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