The first-ever duplicate poker event of its kind, the Nations Cup, is scheduled to be held in London the following week to identify the best poker players worldwide. The event is expected to attract a large number of talented players from all over the globe.

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Besides, the event proves the growing popularity of poker all over the world, not just as a gaming sport, but also as a sport requiring stamina, skill, and concentration. A number of participants from America are expected, with the American team being led by Barry Greenstein of Chicago, who was appointed as captain by Peter Alson, the chief of the US Poker Federation. Affectionately nicknamed the “Robin Hood of Poker” for his philanthropic activities, Greenstein enjoys playing bridge and poker and is a math and computer genius. His total winnings playing poker tournaments worldwide exceed $7.5 million.

In an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report, Greenstein said that he expects the duplicate poker event to emphasize on the luck factor and that he expects to enjoy it. Revealing his ideas about the luck vs. skill debate with regard to poker, he said that almost every sport depends on luck and that sports become intriguing to viewers simply because players depend on a combination of luck as well as skill to win a game.

Regarding his duties as captain of the American team, Greenstein said that the country-by-country format of the duplicate poker event sets it apart from the other international poker events he has participated in. He also said that he is looking forward to find out which country has a definite edge over the others.

Revealing details about the American Nations Cup team, he said that he and Peter wanted a mix of skills and personalities and those who could speak well for the sport. In short, they wanted a team that would represent the country effectively. Greenstein said that the team they have put together is a good mixture of male and female poker players, players with intellectual abilities, and accomplished strategists from across the country.

Listing members of the team, Greenstein said that Isaac Haxton is an excellent poker strategist while Ali Eslami is an analyst and Vanessa Selbst is the best female poker player in America. Thanks to his association with the ESPN network, Antonio Esfandiari is an excellent spokesperson for poker while Jen Leigh is a talented young poker player and Matt is analytical and sharp.

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