Bally Technologies Incorporated on its way to become the first ever licensed online gaming company in the US, and the industry has taken this to be a good omen. Mark Lipparelli, the Nevada Gaming Control Board chairman, says that this is “another step forward but it’s not the last.” Stating that this will be the first online gaming license given in the US, he admitted that he was an executive for Bally in the past although he has nothing to do with the company right now.

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All the 3 members of the Nevada Gaming Control Board unanimously accepted Bally’s application, obviously because of the company’s reputation as a provider of gaming equipment.

John Connelly, vice president (business development) for Bally Technologies, said that as many as 50 casinos, most of them based in Nevada, have shown interest in either leasing or purchasing Bally’s system so that players can either play online or on their mobile devises.

Connelly said that, before the online gaming services can be made available, the software needs to be tested to ensure that online gaming will be limited to Nevada and that people below 21 will not be able to gain access to the games. He also predicted that mobile gaming will become immensely popular in future as people are currently using their mobile devices for an average 2.7 hours per day.

The US federal law permits bets to be received only in Nevada, and the system ought to successfully prevent underage gambling. Casinos can customize Bally’s system as per their requirements to offer a wide range of casino games such as slots, video poker, bingo, online sports betting, poker, and table games. He also said that each casino can decide how to collect bets from their online gaming customers.

Mark Lerner, the legal representative for Bally Technologies, said that Nevada had enacted its gambling laws 10 years back and that several US states are now gearing up to follow in its footsteps. However, the Nevada Gaming Commission is required to give the final nod for the license at a meeting scheduled to be held in Las Vegas on June 21.

He also said that the France-based Chiligaming has sold the entire online gaming technology to Bally. Although Bally did not purchase Chiligaming, it has recruited a few executives at Chiligaming, he said, adding that Bally has investigated Chiligaming thoroughly to ensure that Chiligaming had never accepted any illegal wagers from US players.

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