Bad beat jackpots make news all over the net, and Ultimate Bet has decided to join in with its very own Bad Beat program, which was launched yesterday and features a unique twist you are sure to like!

The set up is pretty much the same as in Absolute Poker and most other sites: on specially designated tables, Ultimate Bet will collect $0.50 from every raked pot to build up the Jackpot (which is at the moment well over $70 K). The conditions are also quite standard: the Bad Beat loser must hold quad 8s or better, use both holecards, go to showdown… you know the drill.

The payout, however, is different and rather exciting. Let’s say your lovely aces are cracked by someone’s 10-2. What now? Well, as with Absolute, 25% becomes the seed for the next Jackpot and 10% goes to the house. And NOW comes the difference:

– You, as the Bad Beat victim, get 50% of the remaining money
– The donk who beat you gets 25%
Ultimate Bet pays $1,000 to each of the other players dealt in the hand
– And the remaining 25% is divided among all players in Bad Beat tables of that limit and game type!
As the release on the Ultimate Bet site says, “Take a seat and wait for your horrible, horrible luck to make you rich!”
More info and Terms and Conditions are available here.

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