Hands-on Mobile recently launched WPT Texas Hold’em 2 for web-to-wireless, and the experts have been heaping praise on it: it has been named Wireless Game of the Month in July, IGN.com and WGWorld Editor’s Choice award, and it also has a Mobile Game gold award.

The second version of the game is “easily one of the three best poker games on mobile — but without a doubt the best value” according to IGN.com. They are especially excited about the web-to-wireless, which allows players to use their account, avatar and bankroll both online and on their mobile device. This widens the field immensely, as online players can match their skills against mobile ones at any time. The software has plenty of options for playing against the computer and other people, fully customizable avatars, a swish presentation and smooth play.

Operating with play money only, WPT Texas Hold’em 2 has stayed at the top of the USA game rankings and is used by 10,000 users every day. After its success in America, the game has been recently made available in the UK through multi-media provider 3UK, so now players on both sides of the ocean can play against each other wherever they are.

In the official press release, both companies show their confidence in the product and their excitement about opening up to this new market. Eric Hobson, President and General Manager EMEA, Hands-On Mobile said “we have been looking forward to this launch for a long time and we are all incredibly excited to bring the huge success of multiplayer World Poker Tour on mobile from the US to Europe,” and John Penberthy-Smith, 3UK Marketing Director added “Connected, subscription-based games with a strong community approach represent a huge growth opportunity in mobile gaming. With World Poker Tour Texas Hold’em 2 we have the mobile gaming equivalent of a royal flush.”

Rumor has it that European players may also be able to play for real money soon… stay tuned!

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