The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has spoken: Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa will have to pay Avi Shamir and Leonard Schreter their respective shares of the $120K bad beat jackpot from the July 7, 2017 game.
Bad Beat Jackpot Rules
In low-stakes poker, one of the biggest jackpots a player can win is the bad beat jackpot, where an already strong hand loses to an even stronger hand. Some of the most common bad beats are quads over quads, quads over a full house, straight flush over quads, or a smaller full house against a bigger full house.
Many traditional and online poker rooms have their rules with regards to the bad beat jackpot. But in many brick-and-mortar casino cases, the player with the hand that loses to a bad beat is awarded the biggest chunk of the jackpot while the player who wins and the remaining people on the table get a percentage of the jackpot as well.
On top of the many guidelines that surround bad beat jackpots in various casinos, there are also regulations put in place to make sure that players are not colluding with one another to win the bad beat jackpot—and this has been the main reason why two players who won the bad beat jackpot at the Red Rock last year were unable to cash out their prize until today.
Red Rock Bad Beat Jackpot
The bad beat jackpot at the Red Rock Casino, one of the bigger off-strip casinos in Las Vegas was hit on July 7, 2017.  The jackpot had been growing for quite sometime and had reached $120,000 when it was won. Avi Shamir who was 83 years old at the time, made a rare straight flush. But a higher straight flush was made by his tablemate Leonard Schreter.
In Station Casino poker rooms such as the one in Red Rock, a sign lights up in the room to capture the attention of all the players at the casino and signal that the bad beat jackpot has been won. In most cases, this causes an immediate cheer since everyone currently playing Texas Hold’em during the time the bad beat jackpot is hit will receive a portion of the pot.
According to the official rules of the Station Casinos Jumbo Hold’em Poker Progressive Jackpot, the bad beat jackpot will be shared by the loser of the hand, the winner of the hand, the players at the table, and all active live Texas Hold’em players in the five small card rooms of the Red Rock.
Based on the July 7’s bad beat jackpot, Shamir stood to win 40 percent of the jackpot and Schreter 25 percent, while 3 percent was to be split among fellow players at their table while the remaining 32 percent would be split amongst all the other Station Casinos players who were playing the jackpot. Taking the $120,000 jackpot into calculation, $48,000 should have gone to Shamir’s pocket while Schreter would have taken home $30,000.
There were more than 80 people playing the bad beat jackpot at Station Casinos and they would have taken around $565 each just for being there.
Red Rock Refuses To Pay Jackpot
Conflict arose due to the fact that right after the river card came out; Schreter immediately tabled his two hole cards before the dealer got around to asking the players for a show of hands. Technically, the Red Rock considered Schreter’s action a violation of bad beat jackpot rules because he exposed his cards with action still pending.
According to players at the table, Schreter’s actions would not have changed the outcome of the hand since no other cards would be coming. But Red Rock contends that Schreter’s early action violated standard poker protocol, thus invalidating their claim to the jackpot. Red Rock refused to pay out the jackpot based on this violation.
Unhappy with the management’s decision to nullify the bad beat jackpot, Shamir and Schreter went to the NGCB to ask them to review the situation and settle the dispute. After Shamir and Schreter presented their case to the NGCB last year, the board ruled in favor of the two players and concluded that they should be paid the jackpot. Station Casinos was not pleased with the NGCB’s decision and appealed the case and a hearing that took place on December 12.
NGCB Decision In Favor Of Players
After hearing both sides of the case and a thorough review, a decision was finally released by the NGCB—albeit a bit delayed. The board ruled that Red Rock Casino should pay the $62,126 share from the bad beat jackpot to Shamir. The disposition also read “payment awarded,” which could have meant that Red Rock respected the NGCB’s decision and has already paid the amount.

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