Andrew Hinrichsen, the Australian poker player, has won a cool cash prize of €148,030 and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet after winning the WSOPE €1,090 NL Texas Hold’em event.

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His latest achievement has placed Hinrichsen in the 25th place in the list of the most successful poker players in Australia. However, he had to fight a tough poker battler against Gianluca Speranza in order to win the championship.

When the event began, Gianluca was definitely in the lead with a massive stack of chips. He used his advantage by knocking off players Gregory Lejolivet, Nabil Nedjai, and John Eames from the table, defeated Eric Baudry, and increased his chip stack to more than one million. Hinrichsen, in the meantime, was not that lucky. The size of his chip stack was not even half of that of Gianluca.

When there were five players left standing, the poker gaming community viewing the match believed that Roberto Romanello, the popular UK player, would emerge as the winner. Romanello had already won an EPT and a WPT title, and if he won this championship, he would have had 3 achievements to his credit. Unfortunately, this was not to be and he ended up finishing fifth.

When there were just 3 players left at the table, with Bernard Guigon being the next player to be knocked off the table, Speranza was in the lead. Bruno lost a large stack of chips to Speranza and was the first of the three to leave the table, leaving just Hinrichsen and Speranza fighting for the pot.

The tournament had now reached an exciting climax, with Speranza still at a great advantage over Hinrichsen. Fifteen minutes into the game and Hinrichsen found himself in the lead; and after fifteen more minutes, the tournament came to an end when Hinrichsen presented an Ace King pair and won.

A total of 771 poker players participated in this tournament, which had a prize pool of €740,160. Andrew Hinrichsen, the last man standing, won a cool prize of €148,030 while Speranza finished second and collected a prize of €91,262.

The players who finished in the third to ninth positions—Tarcisco Bruno of Italy, Bernard Guigon of France, Roberto Romanello of UK, Eric Baudry of USA, John Eames of UK, Nabil Nedjai of France, and Gregory Lejolivet of France—collected prizes of € 67,281, € 50,146, € 37,874, € 28,977, € 22,449, € 17,608, and € 13,982, respectively.

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