While the online poker industry in the US is slowly collapsing as the federal authorities slowly yank poker site after poker site from under the feet of unsuspecting US players, Australia may be on the road to legalizing online poker.

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Andrew Twaits, one of the biggest operators in the Australian online sportsbetting market, has decided to push his government to legalize online poker in the country. This may be a very smart move for the Australian online poker community as it will protect all poker players and online poker operators in the region from any possible legal ramifications such as the ones faced by Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars if it goes through. If one were to take the example of the US online poker circuit as many of the Australians may be wont to do, it would be well advised to set into motion laws to protect the online poker industry from crumbling like that of the US.

“While it is pleasing to see both the federal and state governments taking the integrity of betting in sports seriously and on a united front, the present legislation is clearly not working when it comes to online poker,” Twaits said.

Twaits, who is the CEO of Betfair, is also calling out for better controls on online poker. Along with three other top online Australian betting sites, namely Centrebet, Sportsbet and Sportingbet, Twaits is working towards eliminating match fixing in the sports sector so as to have a better sportsbetting industry.

According to Andrew Twaits’ reasoning, the online poker industry is “costing” the Australian governments millions of dollars simply because the operators of online poker sites are not paying any taxes yet. His argument is to legalize online poker and to then tax them.

“Online sports betting in this country turns over $300 million a year, is highly regulated and we pay our taxes, while operators of online poker sites are not, many of which are controlled and run offshore. That’s the real challenge facing not just the federal and state governments of this country, but governments across the globe,” he said.

According to Thwaits, the online poker industry is a big one that makes a lot of money annually. “It is estimated that the turnover in this and other forms of illegal betting is $125 billion worldwide. That’s why as an industry we welcome any tightening of the present legislation in this country of the Victorian Integrated Gambling Act. The sooner the rest of the states and territories fall into line the better it will be for everyone,” he said.

Perhaps the US authorities will take a leaf out of Thwaits reasoning as it has become obvious that the smart move would be to regulate it and make revenue out of it.

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