The man who attacked Oklahoman Jason Potter outside the Crown Casino on January 21 was arrested Thursday in Melbourne, along with an accomplice.Dwayne Johnstone, 32, and Vhyharn Arumughasamy, 26, were both charged with armed robbery.Johnstone was also charged with drug possession and assault.

Potter had placed 31st out of 780 at the Aussie Millions poker tournament and needed to cash out his chips, which were in the safe in his room at the Crowne Plaza, just short walk across a bridge from the Crown Casino, where the tournament was held.In the wee hours of the morning, he cashed out at the Crown Casino cage and made his way back to the hotel.While on the bridge, one of the men ran up to him from behind, struck him on the head, stole $30,000 in cash from his sweatshirt pocket, and fled after brandishing a knife.

Potter said he had considered fighting back, but once he saw the knife, he decided that no amount of money was worth the risk to his life.

Police have recovered $11,850 from the suspects, according to Potter.

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