Ashley Adams has been passionate about poker for all his life as he first learnt the game from his grandfather when he was five years old and was an active amateur poker player during his school and college days. Adams has authored two books on the subject of poker with Winning 7-Card Stud coming out in 2003 and Winning No-Limit Hold’em coming out in 2012.

Adams had a quest of travelling throughout the United States playing poker and creating a personal record of completing a 50 state poker tour. He finally managed to complete his goal when he played at the at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino in Pendleton, Oregon and took part in a  small no-limit hold’em tournament. It took Adams over twenty years to complete this life-long cross country poker run and he was extremely happy to share his experience.

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In a statement, Adams said “I have found something to love about every single poker room or home game I’ve ever visited,” says Adams. “There’s always something unique about even the dinkiest little card rooms. All of those little rooms in California, for instance — the Delta, the Cameo Club, the Comstock Card Room, the Lodi, the 99, the Napa Valley — there’s something in all of them that makes them special. You know, like a 25-cent hot dog night, or you get an additional 10% added to the pot sometimes, or there’s a beautiful view from the tables.”

Adams is not a professional player and considers himself to be more of a part time poker player who is just passionate about all things poker. He has worked with companies such as the National Education Association and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists which gave him the opportunity to travel extensively across the nation and he used his off-hours to seek out poker games and pursue his passion of being able to play a 50 state poker tour.

Adam says during the early days he used to try his hand at playing stud and ended up losing for the first 18 months before he stumbled upon a strategy that helped him win against the usual casino player. He strung together a number of wins that boosted his confidence as well as his remuneration making him eager to continue his quest of playing poker across the country.

Adam says that poker is a common language in the nation and gave him great opportunities to meet with locals, get to know the local culture and have a whole lot of fun on his travels.

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