Poker players are always looking for ways to improve their game and make it more lucrative. Each player searches for the perfect coach who can help him/her convert his/her weaknesses into strengths. There are several online poker training sites, but they force players to watch videos they do not really need.

Recently, (APT) developed an innovative product that changes many things for the better. The company has launched a personalized poker training plan that helps players with areas that need improvement. The software updates players’ training plans on a weekly basis. It analyses all the hands played in the course of a week and tells players exactly what they need to do in order to improve. The product is user friendly and practical and teaches players exactly how they can eliminate weaknesses in their game. In addition, it is great fun to use the site.

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APT’s customized training plan not only identifies weakness, but also shows players the way to success, owing to which it is more specific in the other poker training solutions available in the market. Once the program identifies a player weakness, it supplies a list of training videos and online resources that can definitely help players overcome that weakness.

The best part of the program is its “Practice Now” button, which enables players to further work on eliminating their weakness. For example, if a players’ weakness is related to middle suited connectors, he or she will be encouraged to play poker games in which only middle suited connectors are dealt. In addition, he or she will receive advice in real-time and the program will tag wrongly played hands for future reviews.

In addition to the training program, APT has launched several reports providing more information about players’ games. Each report includes graphs and charts that enable players to explore their game from several angles. One hand chart displays 169 unique combinations of hole cards and makes use of trend analysis to detect hands with exceptionally high or exceptionally low win rates along with negative trends associated with certain hands. This chart is therefore excellent to identify hands that players should not play.

The reports also help players analyze their performance at different table positions, streets, levels, and game types. In addition, players can explore various skills such as continuation betting, pre-flop raising, blind stealing, and much more.

Players can gain access to all features of for slightly more than $10 per month.