April 28th, 2005
Interview with Chris Moneymaker on Playboy.com (work safe), talking about how he’s handling being a celeb and various poker tips from the guy as well. Good read – if not just for the sole fact that you can tell someone you read Playboy for the articles. You DO read it for the articles, right?? 🙂
April 26th, 2005
Added a new poker bonus and promotions board in the poker forums recently. I also got wind that Vince Van Patten and James Woods are starting a new poker site using the Poker Network platform, which powers poker sites like Poker Room. (Too bad Poker Room is better).
Interesting stuff, especially since the World Poker Tour is also coming out with their own branded poker site sometime this year.
It seems that everyone wants a piece of the poker pie nowadays, so don’t be surprised to see Sean Combs Poker, McPoker, iPoker, MGM Poker or Wal-Poker being released anytime soon. It’s the who wants to be a Party Poker multi-millionaire game among the rich.
April 23rd, 2005
Party Poker annoys me by changing my poker background every single time it updates the client, so I haven’t had it for months now. But, incase anyone else needs the pot odds background, I’ve made a new one for use on your desktop.
If you find them useful, let me know. I was thinking about adding starting hand charts and other tips for a “Beginner” version if that would be popular, but I’m not going to work on that unless I actually get requests in the forum. I was also going to add some pictures of Shana Hiatt in a bikini for the backgrounds, but I think that would be detrimental to poker concentration. But if you are able to handle it….
Don’t say I never did anything for you guys. 🙂
April 22th, 2005
Party Poker has new “Higher Step” tournaments running that start at $30 for the Step 1 games and end at $15,000 at the Step 5 level – for a total $150,000 prize pool at the last step. For the high stakes online poker players, I think this is about as good as it gets to playing the private high limit live games.
I also noticed my link to the texas hold’em guide was broken and pointed to my poker articles page, so I fixed that. Sorry for anyone that got confused.
April 20th, 2005
Chris Moneymaker, winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker ala PokerStars, is going to be interviewed on 60 minutes today (Wednesday) at 8:00pm on CBS. Poker is mainstream when 60 Minutes is starting to give it coverage! 🙂
Also, got the full texas hold’em guide uploaded (look at the below news). Check it out, give your thoughts and what not. In other news, Party Poker now has Step tournaments for the World Series of Poker. That means the regular Step games are going to be getting a bit less fishy, but it also means that the WSOP Step games are going to be much easier, as the pros only need to win one of these, as opposed to the other Step games on Party Poker. So, interesting thought to chew on for you Party players.
April 19th, 2005
Finally putting up the submissions for the Beginner’s Guide to Texas Hold’em. Note that only the first two pages are posted and the rest will be following up soon. It takes me awhile to convert this over and put in my comments. These guides are actually quite long, so I hope the beginning poker players get a lot of benefit out of them.
A reminder that PokerStars is still having the $35 deposit bonnus (exclusive to this site) until the end of the month, so take advantage of it while you can if you were considering signing up there.
April 1st, 2005
Hey everyone. Well, it’s going to be close to one and a half years that I’ve been running this site. During this time, I’ve had a lot of fun, but most of you have noticed me fairly absent recently. The reason is that I’ve been getting pretty serious with my girlfriend Mary Jo and as of last night, proposed to her. To my delight, she accepted on the condition that I finally switch over to her faith and embrace Mormonism.
It was a difficult choice, but I promised that I would and have taken a life oath to give my life to the church. I’ve also vowed to stop drinking, swearing and also stop gambling. As such unfortunately, this also means that I will have to stop work on this website and shut it down. I will be moving to Utah in two weeks, so I won’t have much time anyways, but I thought I would let everyone know here first. It’s been fun guys, but it’s time for me to move on to better things. Take it easy.
I also wanted to add one last thing:
April fools day! Considering it’s Friday, I’ll be drinking or gambling like the rest of you guys :p (And no, I really am not engaged to a girl named Mary Jo)

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