Poker pro Antonio Esfandiari has built a great reputation for himself on the poker circuit with his consistent performances over the years and also because of the way he has carried himself. With over $26 million in live poker tournament winnings, Esfandiari is considered a role model by many up and coming poker pros.

So when news broke that Esfandiari had been disqualified from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) for peeing twice under the poker table, the global poker community was wondering what exactly was going on. Amaya Inc, the parent company of PokerStars also released a statement confirming that Esfandiari had been disqualified.

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Esfandiari recently shed more light about the incident stating that it was all because of a bet that he made with fellow poker pro Bill Perkins to lunge for 48 straight hours. Esfandiari grew tired with these lunges and tried to save himself a couple of trips to the bathroom by urinating into a container under the table. The poker pro did not think he would get caught and in retrospect said that it was poor judgment on his part which led to the incident.

In a statement, Esfandiari said It makes me quite sad to write this. All the things you have heard are all true. I can sit here and try to explain and justify but at the end of the day my actions were completely unacceptable. What’s done is done. All I can do is learn from my mistakes and grow from them. I have apologized to anyone and everyone who may have been affected and will continue to do so”.

Esfandiari would not have wanted to start his 2016 poker journey by being disqualified at a Main Event but he remains confident that he can put this incident behind him and move on. The poker pro also confirmed that while he ruined his reputation and got disqualified from the PCA, he managed to win the bet with Perkins and in doing so win a lot of money.

Esfandiari has decided to donate $50,000 of his winnings to charity organizations. He will give $25,000 to One Drop, a charity that helps third world countries get more access to drinking water and the remaining $25,000 to REG, a charity that works hard to reduce suffering across the globe.

Esfandiari also stated that PokerStars had made the right decision in disqualifying him. He told his fans that he had learned his lesson and apologized to those who look up to him as a role model.

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