Professional poker player Anthony Pirone, who left the US after Black Friday to pursue his poker career legally, is now planning to return to the US so that he can shift to Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS).

Those who are familiar with both poker and DFS are not surprised with the similarities between the two. It is therefore not surprising that several successful online poker players have also enjoyed success with DFS. Taylor Caby, a co-founder of CardRunners and a talented online poker player, switched over to DFS, post Black Friday, and co-founded DraftDay, a DFS website. Cal Spears, one of the founding members of, an online poker forum, has also co-founded, one of the five best DFS forums. Poker pro Jon Aguiar left poker so that he could start a career with DraftKings, a new fantasy sports website. The story of Anthony Pirone, however, is different.

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Pirone, who plays under the moniker TPirahna at PokerStars, has played as many as 6 million hands of poker. He has won more Limit Hold’em games than any other player in history. The PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame has inducted him for earning over 5 million VPPs, something that only a few have accomplished so far. Pirone migrated to Canada after Black Friday so that he could continue playing poker, and now he is leaving poker so that he can become a professional DFS bettor.

Announcing his plans to retire from playing poker, he said on his website: “I’m sick of playing. I’m 39 years old now and it has become more and more difficult to sit in front of a computer all day with my attention constantly focused with decision after decision being presented for hour after hour.” He also wants to return to the US, which has legalized DFS.

When asked about his choice of sport, he said: “Whatever sports I think can make money with. So far, I’m playing MLB, NFL, and NHL. Time permitting, I’ll try some other sports including NBA, but will ultimately settle on the sports I think are the more profitable.”

Interacting at Two Plus Two, the popular online poker forum, Pirone said that he has played over 9000 MLB DFS tourneys in less than 60 days. This has made him feel that he is capable of playing these tournaments, but he will have to prepare and study a lot to kick start his DFS career.

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