25 year old up and coming poker phenom Anthony Gregg put a significant feather in his cap this week, when he dominated the Parx Open Poker Classic to win nearly half a million dollars and a $25,000 buy-in for the WPT Champions Cup.

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With a total of 56 career cashes, with almost $3 million in live casino winnings and almost $750,000 in online winnings, Gregg has amassed a small fortune in his budding poker career.

His most recent win wasn’t without it’s fair share of close calls, as he went head to head with Stephen Reynolds, who was initially the big stack during heads up play. Gregg slowly began to reclaim some of Reynold’s lead until a big move that put him all in with a pair of 9’s against Reynold’s A5 suited. The board favored Gregg, giving him a major lead and some serious momentum, to continue on to claim the first lace spot.

Other notable hands for Gregg included a pair of queens with trips from the board as well as finishing the tournament with K9 off suit against Reynold’s A4 off suit. There is no doubt that luck was on Gregg’s side during the final hands, yet it was clearly skill that got him to this position in the first place. Reports all around were that the final table was one of the most talkative reporters had seen in some time, which helped to create a friendly atmosphere amidst the high level of competition.

Gregg took home over $416,000 in prize money while Reynolds still took home a handsome some in $244,000 worth of winnings. There were only a total of 6 spaces that could finish in the money, with a who’s who list of poker pros making it past the bubble.

When asked about his big win (and his first victory at a live tournament), Gregg said, “It feels amazing… The money is always nice, but the title is good too, knowing that you beat everyone.”

This is the first time that the Parx Casino has held a live tournament, and the level of play was at an all-time high, with extremely respectable poker pros from around the world participating in what totaled 500 entrants for the game. This was Gregg’s fourth finish for over $100,000 in this year alone. With the year just getting started, this is extremely impressive.

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