A story in the New York Times (NYT) recently named former poker player Anna Khait as among female undercover agents recruited by controversial far-right group Project Veritas to spy on FBI and other US government officials in an attempt to expose the so-called “Deep State” inside the Trump government.

Khait, a former contestant of hit reality TV show Survivor, has repeatedly denied being involved in the alleged FBI plot, but has revealed in her latest social media posts that she investigated a State Department employee who was subsequently fired.

Khait Labels NYT As “Fake News”

When the story broke out, Khait took to social media to clear her name, saying there was no truth to NYT’s claims that she was part of a sting operation targeting the FBI. The former poker pro hasn’t stopped attacking the news outlet. In her latest tweets, she keeps referring to the NYT as “fake news”. She also lashed out at the poker community for believing in those allegations.

But to be clear, the NYT never mentioned Khait in the FBI plot portion of the original story. The newspaper revealed that Project Veritas recruited a group of women to spy on potential political opponents Trump.

Those women were tasked to meet with certain FBI officials in arranged dates, with a hidden camera and microphone. Their main job was allegedly to secretly record anti-Trump statements from their targets. The recorded conversations would then be used to sabotage the bureau. The female undercover agents were allegedly housed in a huge home in Georgetown, Washington which Project Veritas rented for $10,000 a month.

Khait Confirms Involvement in US State Department Plot

The NYT dropped Khait’s name in another portion of the story, relating to a separate undercover operation targeting a State Department employee. Khait part of that particular operation, according to a source previously working for Project Veritas. That US State Department employee is believed to be Stuart Karaffa, a former State Department analyst with the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations.

Karaffa was terminated from his post after Project Veritas in 2018 released a video of an undercover operation targeting him. He was exposed to be involved in an anti-Trump political agenda. This coincides with Khait’s newest revelation that she indeed was part of a secret operation targeting an official from the US State Department. In her tweet, Khait added that the operation was conducted during a public event but it was not a date.

Khait said she’s “proud” to have “served” her country and exposed “communists” inside the government.  

Project Veritas’ “Honey Trap” Scheme

Project Veritas was founded in 2010 by American far-right activist James O’Keefe. The group received funding from Blackwater founder Eric Prince and was also being aided by former British spy Richard Seddon. These individuals had ties with former President Donald Trump’s allies and the group was initially tasked to infiltrate trade unions.

Their undercover operations then extended towards intelligence agencies and government officials. Khait, along with several women, were recruited as part of what’s being described as a “honey trap” scheme aimed at exposing Trump’s opponents within the government. The recruits were allegedly trained with the help of Seddon at a ranch owned by the Prince family in Wyoming.       

Among the targets of Project Veritas’ undercover operations was H.R. McMaster, Trumps national security adviser. The plot involved recruiting a female undercover agent who would secretly record McMaster making negative remarks against Trump. While the operation did not push through, McMaster resigned as national security adviser in March 2018.  

So far, Khait was the only person identified as being among female undercover agents recruited by Project Veritas. It was not entirely clear how big or small her role was in the group, but she was likely named by the NYT as she is known as a former Survivor contestant.

Khait is also a controversial figure in the world of poker. She would often spark criticism from the poker community because of her controversial posts on social media.

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