There are hundreds of poker players who are waiting in the wings ever so patiently to get their money out from their Full Tilt Poker accounts. Their money is trapped in their accounts and all they want is to be able to get it out. Most of these players would not even care if Full Tilt Poker is up and running and offering poker tournaments and player games.

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Recently, Andrew Seidman, a poker player who once played professional poker at the Full Tilt Poker site opened up about his opinion on the current matter and how he had funds stuck in Full Tilt Poker.

Andrew Seidman who used the handle “BalugaWhale” while on Full Tilt Poker revealed that he too had money stuck in Full Tilt Poker and it is quite likely that he regrets it. “I had actually moved a bunch of money over for FTOPS. Brilliant me, I moved all my Stars rollover to Full Tilt about a week before. The whole thing was just absurd. I played in the Bay 101 Shooting Star last year, and I had a wire transfer there delayed by FTP. It was like three weeks, and every time I tried talking to them, they said it’d be there in a few days. I was a little bit cash short waiting for this transfer, so I had my brother spot me $3,000 to buy into the tournament on the assumption this money was coming. All of a sudden, I was left in debt as obviously that transfer never arrived. I can only imagine other things people had riding on their Full Tilt money and what they had to deal with.”

The case of Andrew Seidman is a common one and there are several players in similar situations. Seidman also mentioned that his relationship with his brother had suffered as a result of this situation. Seidmean also has money stuck in Ultimate bet.

Initially, poker players who had played professional poker with Full Tilt Poker had been closed about how much they had stuck in the site and refrained from commenting about the situation that Full Tilt Poker had put them in by withholding their money which was rightfully theirs. However, in recent times, many poker players have started coming out of the woodwork and beginning to tell their stories about what the closure of Full Tilt Poker has done to them.

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