Andrew Neeme has made a name for himself in the world of poker for being among the pioneers in poker content creation. He released his first vlog back in October 2016 and the rest is history. Neeme’s YouTube channel now has more than 170,000 subscribers, making him one of the world’s most-followed poker vloggers.
Neeme is currently living in Las Vegas but will occasionally travel to Texas for his new business venture. He recently partnered with Doug Polk and Brad Owen to become the majority owners of The Lodge Poker Club, the largest poker room in Central Texas. Neeme shared how the partnership came about and the trio’s future plans as they join the Texas poker scene.

From Hosting MUGs to Owning a Poker Club

Neeme and Owen are popular for hosting the meet-up games (MUGs) in several locations around the US. The idea was simple – to gather like-minded poker enthusiasts around a table and have some fun playing the game while at the same time building lasting connections.
The MUGs also give the duo the chance to bond with their fans who want to get to know them better and improve their skills. In the process, Neeme and Owen are able to share their knowledge about poker and promote the game to more people.
The concept has become a huge hit that the pair now travel as far as the UK and Canada for their MUGs.
Both Neeme and Owen have been working together for quite some time now, and at some point, they’ve talked about establishing their own poker room which could serve as a venue for their MUGs. That idea had remained on the drawing board, given their lack of management experience and the amount of preparations they needed to make to run a poker room in a highly-regulated market like Las Vegas.

Putting the Plan into Action: Poker Club Investment with Polk

Meanwhile, Doug Polk has just started a new life in Austin after spending most of his career in Vegas. He was initially unaware of the state’s booming poker club scene until he moved there. Upon discovering the wonder of independent card rooms in the Lone Star State, the three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner then reached out to Neeme and Owen and opened the idea about a partnership and poker club ownership.
The original plan was to find a location and build a poker room from scratch. The trio was later convinced to just invest in an existing reputable poker club rather than work from the ground up. The Lodge was a perfect choice as it was one of the biggest and best poker rooms in Texas. It was also located in Austin where Polk is currently based.
Polk, Neeme, and Owen jointly purchased a majority stake in the club and they won’t have to worry about their lack of management and operational experience as the club already has a strong and established leadership team.
Both Neeme and Owen will occasionally travel to Austin to check on the club’s operations alongside Polk, with most of their communication done via a group Telegram chat.
This setup will allow the pair to do their usual thing, continue to create high-quality poker content, and bring together pokers fans and enthusiasts from different parts of the country through their meet-up games. When they announced their new poker venture, the duo indicated they might hold the biggest MUG yet in Texas.
The entrance of Neeme, Owen, and Polk into the Texas poker scene is expected to shake things up and strengthen the local market given their reputation as three of the most prominent figures in the world of poker.

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