American Poker Pros who were hoping to move to Canada and call it their home will be disappointed to know that Canadian immigration authorities have been denying visas to those applicants who only list playing poker as their skill in order to make a living.

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It is a bad time for those poker pros who have decided to move to Canada, since many of them who have not done a thorough research on their chances of getting a Canadian Visa might be disappointed with a rejection.

Case in point is the ongoing plight and story of Daniel Cates, better known as ‘Jungleman12’ in the online poker world. Daniel has been disappointed with a rejection in his first attempt to relocate to British Columbia City recently. Daniel Cates is facing Visa problems in his application.

Daniel Cates is a native of Maryland and he has been micro-blogging on Twitter on a regular basis to send updates on the status of his application for Visa in order to move to Canada. Daniel Cates was initially planning to move to Vancouver and has tweeted stating that he ready to crush online again. But, 21 year old Daniel Cates who has acquired the name of the best ‘heads-up No-Limit Hold’em’ poker player was refused entry into Canada.

Daniel Cates had made more than $5 million last year playing online poker and is currently sitting on cash earnings from PokerStars and Full Tilt of about $7 million. Daniel Cates tweeted that he had been deported from Canada for being an illegal immigrant and hence he is all set to go to Seattle in order to get a temporary visa. Daniel Cates might know a lot about poker but he was caught off guard when he found out that he needs a visa to play poker in Canada and hence updated his Twitter account with an exclamation of the same later.

Luckily, Daniel Cates is one of those poker pros who lived on online poker enough to have earned a huge sum of cash, since some other online poker pros have been struggling to make ends meet since Black Friday. Just like Daniel Cates, many other poker pros would consider moving to Canada and calling it their home if they are allowed to get through the Visa process with lesser restrictions.

In the light of recent events and bills passed to the government in order to legalize online poker, some poker pros might want to wait it out and see if the American government passes some law that makes it easier for them to continue to play online poker legally in the United States.

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