Amaya Inc, the parent company of PokerStars the biggest online poker website in the world has invited some of the key online poker players who were responsible for organizing a player boycott towards the end of 2015 and during the first week of 2016.

Over 2,000 online poker players from across the world joined the player boycott to protest over the new policy changes that PokerStars implemented from 1st January 2016. The biggest issues were over the changes made to the Supernova and SuperNova Elite (SNE) bonus programs which would severely impact VIP players. Leading the boycott was poker player Dani Stern who plays under the handle of ‘Ansky’.

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While the boycott hasn’t really hit PokerStars revenues, the strike has caused concerns for PokerStars as some of the brands ambassadors have also expressed their disappointment over the way the proposed changes were communicated to the players. Isaac Haxton decided not to renew his lucrative PokerStars brand ambassador contract as he felt that the company wasn’t treating its players fairly. Daniel Negreanu, considered by many as the greatest poker player of all time and a PokerStars brand ambassador also apologized to players for not being a better ambassador in bridging the communication gap between the management and players.

Amaya Inc executives have finally decided to take action over player concerns by organizing a meeting on the 19th of Jan at the company’s headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Daniel Negreanu, Isaac Haxton and Daniel Dvoress will be part of the group of players that meet with senior executives from Amaya Inc to discuss a number of issues, especially the new VIP player bonus system.

Dani Stern had earlier voiced his disappointment on the Two Plus Two Poker forum by saying “For the record, I am aware that Stars announced that there would be changes to the 2016 VIP program. Simply saying that months ago while tacitly watching all the SNE players grind away does not give them carte blanche to royally screw their most loyal customers. Regardless of your position on the current climate of SNE super grinders, you have to acknowledge that PokerStars had an agreement with them, which they are now breaking. This is completely outrageous from the biggest poker site in the world.”

Daniel Negreanu has stated that he will try his best to ensure that such meetings between Amaya Inc management and online poker players from PokerStars occur more frequently to bridge any communication gap that might exist.

Whether PokerStars will yield to the pressure and make changes to its policies or continue its tough stance on VIP bonuses remains to be seen but more information on the meeting is likely to be revealed in the coming week.

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