Alfastreet Gaming Instruments, one of the leading companies in the field of electronic gaming devices has announced that it plans on launching wireless communications that will connect land-based casinos’ electronic table games (ETG) to the gaming venue’s floor management system and back of house functions.

The firm announced that since wireless technology is robust and completely secure, it can be implemented in commercial casino gaming. Alfastreet’s wireless ETG’s are being fine tuned in the final lap of development and the company plans on initially introducing the new line in the Philippines. This technology will succeed the cable-connected range of ETG’s which are currently being used.

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The privately-owned Slovenian firm plans on launching this wireless ETG technology and making the branding announcement as soon as the product is ready and the necessary permits from the local gaming regulators are received.

In a statement, Deric Goh, Alfastreet’s sales director for Asia, said, “We want to give land-based casino operators more flexibility to relocate machines without much of a hassle.”  Apart from this benefit, the state of the art technology would also curtail the cabling work required to setup machines, thus making the installation process easier.

The new range of wireless casino ETGs include those for games such as sic bo, baccarat, roulette and craps. Due to these upgraded machines, casino operators will be able to quickly install these new Alfastreet products and also be able to move these new ETGs around the casino floor, subject to regulatory approval. In addition to the afore mentioned aspects, the range would also feature a refreshment of terminals, which players frequently use to access Alfastreet’s games.

The firm which has created various exceptional high profile multi-player electronic gaming instruments is also experimenting with a novel player interface that is totally different from what other competitors are currently providing. In addition to this, Alfastreet is also creating an advanced gamefication experience, which can be offered to land-based casinos. The innovative details of this venture are expected to be announced during the launch.

The company has previously designed a similar product called ‘Remote Play’. This product allows land based casinos to offer all of the Alfastreet games on their property for players to bet on through their tablets or smart phones or even via their hotel room situated on the casino’s property, provided that they have the necessary connections installed.


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