Nick Palma has made headlines in the past, most of which is not for his accomplishments at the poker table but rather for the controversies that surround his activities. Palma has accumulated over $1.61 million in prize money over the years but is in the news yet again for stirring up hate and anger via Twitter.

Palma Goes After Foxen, Bicknell and Kessler

The poker community on Twitter is going at a rapid rate and when a known name in the poker community makes a threat or raises serious allegations, it can go viral in the poker community very quickly.
That’s exactly what happened when Palma went on a Twitter spree throwing dirt at some of the biggest names in poker. He first targeted Allen Kessler who has just under $4 million in prize money and took offense to Kessler asking for a huge mark-up on his poker action at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker open.
He then decided to attack power couple Kristen Bicknell and Alex Foxen. Bicknell is right up there with the best female poker players in the world having over $5.2 million in prize money and her finance Foxen who has over $19.7 million in prize money and is considered one of the top high stakes poker players in the world.
Palma called Bicknell a dumb b**tch and then accused Foxen of being involved in a cryptocurrency scam and defrauding investors. We are not sure what prompted this sudden outburst and why he decided to target poker’s power couple. There have been many instances of top celebrities and personalities, getting drunk or high and then going on social media to Tweet things only to delete them once they get sober.
It does not look like Palma was on a drunken or drug-fuelled spree as his Tweets still remain and no apology has been issued.

Kessler Responds

Kessler decided to respond to Palma and his frustrations of him imposing a high mark-up. Kessler wasted no time in putting Palma is his place by referring to him as a scammer and thief. Kessler said the poker industry generally considers him one of the most honest poker players in the game and they know that when he cashes out, they will get their returns, something that cannot be said of Palma.

Foxen Responds

Foxen decided to clear the air about his cryptocurrency scam allegation by saying that he was one of the co-founders of the company that was alleged to have run a scam but pointed out that no lawsuit was filed against him personally. Foxen is alleged to have used his relationship with a South African national Rohit Chamani to bring in financial investment.
Apparently, 17 events including Chamani raised over $2 million dollars for Foxen’s cryptocurrency company but the company went bust and the investors were left with nothing.
Foxen clarified that the judge dismissed the lawsuit and pulled up the plaintiffs for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Foxen claimed that he tried to help Palma as he knows he is going through issues but Palma refused his help. He claimed Palma was talking about things he knew nothing about and was only doing it to stay in the limelight so he can continue to scam the poker community.
Foxen did not elaborate on what issues Palma was dealing with or how he tried to help him. He also did not divulge any details as to what scam Palma was trying to run.

Bicknell Respond

Bicknell also responded and labelled Palma as a sad case and said that Palma was someone who made no effort to fix issues with his friends who have looked to help him on multiple occasions over the years.

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