A brand-new platform called AIPoker has hit the online poker market and is expected to transform the way players go about their online poker experience. The AIPoker platform was developed and launched by Singapore-based AIGame Foundation.
The new online platform was released in Seoul, South Korea on December 4 and combines artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technologies and big data. AIPoker is equipped with cutting edge systems and processes that will transform the way traditional online poker games have taken place.
Platform Allows Players To Create Their Own Strategy
Based on AIGame Foundation’s technological patents, AIPoker’s core gameplay allows players to compose their own strategies and update them as they want. The system will then take charge of those strategies and will apply them in numerous games.
Players can take part in as many games as they want and will be allowed to pick a high-win-rate strategy on the ranking list. If a player succeeds, the person who created the winning strategy will receive a share of the revenue.
The project’s main goal is to provide a platform where players can polish their strategic thinking and be able to improve their tactics when playing offline games. AIPoker makes use of a visual chart, data mining, as well as machine learning simulation to help players with strategy optimization.
Blockchain Will Address Payment Issues
Some of the main problems currently faced by the online poker industry in terms of payment and exchange will also be addressed by AIPoker’s blockchain technology. Blockchain allows for transparent and traceable transactions and reduces the possibility of platform cheating. Legitimate players can also manage their payments conveniently through the use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which can be exchanged for AIPoker’s own token AIG.
The system makes sure that cards are dealt and shuffled randomly through multiple hashes carried out by a block ID. The platform will create a record of every strategy used and every decision made by players, which would then be permanently stored in the blockchain together with the hash value. This method will guarantee fairness in every game.
The AIPoker project was unveiled at a Singaporean conference called the 99EX Global Launching Conference & Initial Project Launching Introduction. This special event which showcases unique and quality projects from all over the world is sponsored by leading digital currency exchange OKEX, under its Open and Win-Win Exchange Plan.
AIPoker Team Has Extensive Experience In Chinese Poker Market
AIPoker boasts of a highly-experienced team who were responsible for popularizing Texas Hold’em in Greater China. The company developed a business model that was unique as it brought together online gaming platforms, poker clubs, offline events, TV programs and industrial media.
Among major innovations in its arsenal is the “Match Manager” management system which eases the burden of managing thousands of participants in major offline games. The team also put together the CPC China Poker Game Carnival, an offline event in Hainan China. The event has been successfully held five times already, drawing thousands of players worldwide. In 2017, the CPC Main Event awarded over $1.6 million in prizes to winners.
With the AIPoker platform, the team aims to transform traditional online poker into a modern system that will bring user experience to a whole new level.
Chairman of the AIGame Foundation Dong Wang said AIPoker aims to slowly wipe away traditional systems and will promote new technologies that will bring huge benefits to the industry as a whole. Wang said they are aware of the issues faced by poker players in using traditional currencies, and the Foundation is aiming to solve those problems through blockchain technology.
Promoting Community-Based Business
Wang said AIPoker’s determination and commitment will be reflected in its “GRANDJACKPOT” business model wherein 100% of the platform’s revenue will be given back to the poker community.
In a statement, Wang said “It is the players who are the master of AIPoker. Only by deciding all affairs of the community via collective discussions and democratic autonomy can we create a decentralized community-based business ecology.”
The project is still going through major development and the team is targeting a 2019 launch for AIPoker’s community version. AIGame Foundation hopes to release new projects in the future, including board and card variants as well as strategy games which will all be powered by AI.

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