Full Tilt Poker’s so called potential new investors have been up to making some changes on their own. While the whole online poker world, and those US players that are yet to receive their funds from Full Tilt Poker have the attention focused on the hearing, its proceedings and its results, Full Tilt Poker and its new investors have been working on a different agenda.

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While the Full Tilt Poker hearing was a huge disappointment to the crowd, it was seen that the AGCC allowed the company to negotiate further commercial interests between them and other investors, and they justified it stating that it would help players receive their funds at the earliest if the company finds investors.

Rumors regarding Full Tilt Poker and its future investors have been ongoing and circling in the online poker world since the site lost its licenses. Some news regarding these ‘European investors’ has come to light and it seems that these investors do not have any interest in getting a license for the site in the United States, and rather they are looking to get a license for Full Tilt Poker in the UK, Irish and European Markets.

This piece of new also puts into question the fate of Full Tilt Poker’s .fr site that got its license suspended by the ARJEL following the suspension of license by the AGCC.

Full Tilt Poker has been facing a series of negative events since Black Friday and their luck has been the worst amongst the lot of sites that were indicted on that fateful day.

The new investors of Full Tilt Poker have been said to have purchased the marketing and technology company called Pocket Kings in Dublin along with their Alderney licenses. As days go on, there will be new developments with Full Tilt Poker and its investors since the company has until the 15th of September 2011, when they are due back for a discussion and hearing with the AGCC that has adjourned the current hearing and meeting considering the dire circumstances faced by the company and its effects on the US players.

It is also true that a private company can request to hold a private hearing since it involves sensitive details regarding the company’s past, present and future that might be revealed during such meetings and Full Tilt Poker has used this fact to ask for privacy and decline their co-operation with the AGCC’s organized public hearing.

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