Online poker has never had it easy in the United States thanks to the country’s unfriendly online gambling laws, and the events of mid April this year, when the federal government cracked down on three major online poker sites, have simply made things worse for innumerable American online poker players who had accounts on these sites.

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Two weeks back, the American Gaming Association (AGA) redoubled its efforts to get online poker legalized and regulated in the US. Since Full Tilt Poker is up to its neck in trouble, it is still in no position to pay back the $390 million it owes to poker players worldwide. Moreover, Full Tilt Poker stands accused of engineering a worldwide Ponzi scheme, cheating players of millions of dollars while paying its own executive officers over $440 million dollars over the last few years.

Professional US players miss their game badly. While a number of them have left US soil so that they can continue playing online poker elsewhere, a number of them are still at home, pressurizing the federal government to legalize the game they cannot live without. In fact, poker is the only means of livelihood for many of these players. Moreover, the floundering American economy and its conventional society hardly provide any alternative for numerous online poker players who are left without a means of livelihood after the events of mid April this year.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that the shocking happenings of April 15 have accelerated the poker legalization process in America thanks to the AGC making it a top priority. Nobody wants a Full Tilt Poker disaster in America again, and although things aren’t friendly to online poker in America, players still want the industry legalized and regulated so that they can enjoy their favorite game in peace and without fear of losing their money.

Aggrieved players are demanding that the federal government act in their favor right away, legalize poker, and provide a safe platform at home so that they can enjoy their game without fear of being cheated by over smart offshore gaming service providers. Everybody associated with online gaming in America are aware that the hurriedly implemented Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, although meant to protect players, has hardly succeeded in doing so. In fact, the UIGEA has created innumerable problems, and American poker players hope that their lawmakers won’t repeat the mistake.

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