Frank Fahrenkopf, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association (AGA), recently remarked that Americans like to gamble online so much that even if the US government bans it as illegal, people will still continue doing so at offshore foreign websites. He also accepted that many of these websites were violating the US law and hence commended the Department of Justice on having indicted the top three online poker sites for bank fraud and money-laundering.

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Frank Fahrenkopf, also strongly suggested that the American Gaming Association supports such law enforcement that keeps the violators from breaking the US laws regarding gaming and gambling. But, he said, it was also important to realise that online gaming operators who will be filling this void created by the indictment of the top three poker sites will not be of a trustworthy and regulated standard, and this would only hurt US players. Hence, he stated that it is necessary to create a regulated online gaming experience of structured and legalized standards.

Since the American Gaming Association’s mandate has always been to create a better understanding of the gaming industry by being transparent about the facts to the general public, elected officials, media and decision makers through advocacy and education, since the time it was established in Washington DC in June 1995, the association will step in the right direction when it comes to online gaming.

The AGA also represents the commercial casino industry by addressing regulatory issues and federal legislative issues, such as travel and tourism matters, federal taxation etc by influencing its members and their employees and customers.

Frank Fahrenkopf also made it clear that although the AGA supports the law enforcement shown by the Department of Justice it also supports the licensing and regulation of internet poker in the US since they believe that US-licensed gaming companies will follow the rigorous gaming regulations and will be responsible enough for the players to depend upon. It will also help bring the jobs, and revenues of the multi-billion dollar industry back to the United States.

The AGA had stated that their online poker bill would involve federal oversight and that it will also outline the involvement of the Department of Commerce or other agencies to legalize and regularize internet poker in a structured manner and in the way it is being run all over the world without any hassles.

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